Will fruit make me fat? If you want to lose weight, stop eating fruit.

An apple a day keeps your fat ass that way.


I talk to people about their diets.  A lot.  I’m kind of a food geek.  It’s sweet, and it’s delicious.  Have you ever wondered “Will fruit make me fat?”  Read on.




One of the most common things I hear from people who are trying to lose weight is that they eat a lot of fruit.  WHY?  Fruit is terrible for weight loss.


Sure, it has vitamins & antioxidants and all that good stuff, but you know what else fruits have a lot of?  SUGAR.  If you want vitamins & antioxidants, get yourself a solid multi-vitamin (one that you have to take more than once per day, as your body can’t absorb that many vitamins all in one hit) and some green tea extract.


The type of sugar fruit is high in is called ‘Fructose’ and is only processed by your liver.  This is bad news, because if your liver already has enough energy, it’ll convert the excess fructose into FAT, and save it for a later date.


Hello love handles.


I’ll give you an example : One banana is around 100 calories and 27g of carbs, and an apple is around 115 calories and 30g of carbs, depending on the type of apple and the size.  I used to love Granny Smith apples as a kid.  If you don’t like Granny Smith apples, you’re weird. Oh, and don’t even talk to me about those little red apples (you little red apple eating bitch).


If you’re limiting your carbs as part of your weight loss plan, fruit is really going to fuck you up.  Let’s say you’re aiming for 100g of carbs a day (which is actually quite high, depending on your goals).  You wake up, you have a banana and an apple.  Then at lunch time you have another banana.  That’s already 84% of your carbs for the day!!


My point being that if you’re trying to lose weight, please don’t treat fruits as if they have no consequence to their efforts.  I hear people talking about them as if they have no calorific value all the time, and those people could sometimes be eating 400-500 extra calories a day, for the sake of a few apples, some strawberries and a banana.


If you REALLY MUST continue eating fruit, try to…


Aim for berries & small fruit.  They’re fibrous & contain less digestible sugar, plus because they’re small it’s easier to control your portions.  I personally eat a handful of berries with some natural yogurt a few times a week, and it takes fucking phenomenal.


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  • Sharon

    So true! Fruit, especially bananas are high in carbs.
    Best thing is to mix it up! Bananas are great if you’re training though or exercising!
    Any way…another fantastic blog, keep em coming!

    • James admin

      I once knew an elderly lady who the doctors were trying to get to put on weight in a short period of time, and they actually suggested eating a few bananas a day as a method of rapid weight-gain. Wouldn’t massively hurt if you’re training, though 🙂

  • I’m in shock! Lol i’m scared to eat fruit now! Hahaa thanks for the heada up!

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