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OK, so this is my first post.

My name is James, and I’m quite unremarkable.

I’ve been studying Law with the Open University, and I’m a few years in.  People ask why I chose Law ALL the time, and I’m going to cite the same reason here that I usually give in the “real” world. That is; I don’t know.  Perhaps it’s that I had quite an uninspiring education and I felt like I needed to prove something to other people about how academically proficient I could be given the chance, but more likely it’s that I wanted to prove something to myself; namely that it’s my education that was uninspired, and not me.  Aside from that, I really enjoy the challenge of doing something difficult.  Doing something that comes naturally to me really well and having others be impressed doesn’t hold any value to me.  Doing something I find REALLY difficult and still being able to do it does. Recently, I’ve been thinking about taking my studies in a different direction, perhaps Business, but I’m not completely sure. I’ll write about it as soon as I make a decision.

Part of the reason I’ve started this website is because I’m not entirely happy with my body. I’ve trained on-and-off for years, both at home and in gyms, and nothing thus far has really stuck.  I’ve been given a myriad of advice, ranging from the personal trainers at my first gym telling me to “Eat 5,000 calories a day, don’t pay any attention to what kind of calories they are, just make sure it’s 5,000 daily” to the even more extreme.  Currently I’m sitting at 14 and a half stone (around 203lbs for my American friends reading this) at 6’2″, and thoroughly unhappy with my body composition up to this point.

Another reason I’ve set up this website  is to chronicle my journey to a bad-ass body.  I will achieve this through a combination of unconventional fitness and nutritional methods.  I will be speaking to experts, supplement gurus, and people who have been on similar adventures.  If something works for me, I’ll tell you. If something doesn’t work for me, I’ll tell you; it’s that simple.

I’m going to develop an effective, unorthodox strategy for improving my mental and physical health, performance, and life in general.

  • I’ll write about the physical activities I’m doing, the foods I’m eating, the supplements I’m using & the methodology/reasoning behind all of my decisions.
  • I’ll document all of my results along the way.
  • I’ll write about tweaks I’m making, and systems I’m developing to improve my life.
  • I’ll write about the things that work for me along the way, and the things that don’t.
  • I’ll write about the people I meet on my journey, and the information they share with me.
  • And lastly, and most importantly; I’ll never lie. You’ll never see any paid endorsements on this website for products I haven’t tried, or haven’t used with positive effects. Ever.

I hope you guys enjoy. This is going to be fun.


Me a few months ago. Don’t hate on the messy half-fro. I think I look kinda sexy…?


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