Mycotoxins – the toxic fungus you’re probably drinking every time you have a coffee.


I love coffee.  At one time I was getting through 8 large cups a day.  8.  I’m writing this article to talk about why I stopped drinking coffee – and that reason is mycotoxins.

What are mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are a type of toxic fungus – more specifically, they’re a mold.  If you drink coffee, you’ll probably be familiar with ‘the jitters’ (which you’ll probably attribute to the caffeine content – I did).  Another theory is that ‘the jitters’ are a symptom that you’ve ingested mycotoxins.

Are there mycotoxins in all coffee?

No.  The studies I’ve seen suggest that somewhere between 50% and 92% of green coffee beans are contaminated with at least one type of mold, before processing takes place and even more mold is allowed to grow.  Mycotoxins are present in virtually all types of low quality coffee – they’re cheaper because they use coffee beans from cheaper sources, and because more of them are damaged & moldy.

So can I just buy really expensive coffee & avoid all this mycotoxin madness?

No.  That was my first idea, but more expensive beans aren’t necessarily lower in mycotoxin levels.  They still use the same methods to process the coffee, and these processes support mold growth.

So how do I avoid mycotoxins?

I’ll write another article explaining what to do if you want to avoid eating toxic fungus every time you drink a coffee.  Subscribe to updates now (by clicking here) to receive an e-mail when I’ve written it.


Delicious, toxic mold.

Delicious, toxic mold.


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  • Hi,

    Mine is a story of coffee drinking from the age of 5. I was allowed to boil the kettle and make my own (excitingly novel), so I did – by the absolute bucket load. I moved onto larger and larger cups, until by the time I was in full-time employment I was drinking it in 3 pint mugs. I drank maybe 5 or 6 of these a day and was probably a caffeine addict.

    Things came to a head when I got to about the age of 35 when it started making me feel really rank; grey, empty and lethargic, knots in the gut. The souring chills that ran through my veins that had become a psychological comfort became as repellent as a licking a garden slug – even with salt. Since stopping I have energy like I never had before. Good move.

    What a shocker to learn of this fungus. So glad I quit it. Blecch!

  • Sharon

    Love it!

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