Can you escape your 9-5 and be a Free Range Human?

Who wrote it?FreeRangeHuman

Marianne Cantwell

What’s it about?

Marianne originates from the truly cooperate sector.  She’s held many successful 9-5 jobs during her life thus far, but she made a career choice…….. not to have a career.  Not a conventional one, anyway.

That’s what this book is about – escaping the “rat-race” and working for yourself from home, a Starbucks, or even a tropical island – wherever you want.  She calls it becoming a free range human.

What does it cover?

The book begins with a chapter on “What your school career advisor never told you” which explains the myth of the “safe job” and why it might not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Marianne explains how you should begin creating your free range life, and how to decide what you really want from life, how to live and work anywhere, how to communicate effectively, and everything in-between.

What did I take from the book?

To be completely honest here, I didn’t expect much from this book.  I’ve read others which made me similar promises, but none of them actually delivered – which is why I was surprised when “Be a Free Range Human” surpassed by expectations.  I took a lot from the book, including notes on the framework Marianne suggests building to get the ball rolling.  I especially liked the part which explains “How to sell without selling your soul”.

The idea behind this website was for me to be able to document my own, and to be able to write about unorthodox strategies to improve your life, in a physical sense as well as a personal one.  This book accomplishes just that.


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