Jelly – Meet my new best friend.


Ah, the nutritional powerhouse of sugar-free jelly.

I’ll be honest with you here:  this IS a secret so it’s kind of appropriate for you to check to make sure nobody is reading this over your shoulder. Go on, check.

Here goes…… wait for it:

Sugar-free jelly has basically no nutritional value whatsoever.

It literally doesn’t do anything at all.  It’s basically just a combination of water, gelatin & sweetener.  Now, I’ll give you ONE negative to sugar-free jelly (and there is only one, trust me, I’m a jelly connoisseur) – the sweetener isn’t always the best.  I prefer to use Stevia, a natural plant extract to sweeten my tea/coffee but sugar-free jelly is usually sweetened using aspartame or something similar.  These sweeteners were once said to be dangerous, but now we know differently & research suggests they’re not bad for us at all.  Plus, if you die from having too much sweetener in your gelatin-snack, you’re a pussy and you were probably on your way out from something else anyway.

jelly OK, so where were we?  Oh yeah, no nutritional value whatsoever.

Guess what, though?  It tastes PHENOMENAL.

Grab some sachets from your local supermarket, make up a big batch, and you have a nice desert ready for every time your family have their giant, sugary, delicious cakes, and puddings.  Or you could just take it to work like me, and accidentally leave it in the office fridge every day.

My point being, sugar-free jelly is an amazing addition to your diet if you want to feel like you’re cheating when you’re actually not at all.  It’s like tricking your body into thinking you’ve had a treat, so your little sugary-craving switch is reset and you can get on with your business.

God-speed, little jelly warriors.


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