Intermittent Fasting Diet : The Look Awesome Naked Project.

Starting today, and for the next 12 weeks, I’m going to be trying out an intermittent fasting diet protocol that I’ve been hearing about for years called “LeanGains”

What is LeanGains?

Leangains can be broken down into two phases.  These are : 16 hours of fasting, and then an 8 hour window in which you eat all of your food for the day.  The food eaten on each day depends on whether it’s a workout day, or a rest day.

Protein is pretty high every day – the difference being that on workout days, total calories are slightly higher with a focus on carbohydrates, and on rest days calories are slightly lower with a focus on fats.

I want to lose some fat so that I can be more effective at fighting crime and helping the homeless look awesome naked.   I’d also like to start training jiu jitsu in the future, so I figure it’s a good idea to get into the absolute best possible shape I can now.

For this reason, I will be calling this trial “LEANGAINS – The Look Awesome Naked Project” and writing about my progress under that title.  Catchy, huh?  Yeah, I know.  I will start by trying to drop some fat with a slight calorie deficit, and re-assess where I am with that as I go.

My nutrition will follow these basic “Leangains” rules :

1)      Each day, I will consume no food at all until 5-6pm.  The only exception I will allow is green tea (flavoured is fine) with a little stevia if I’m feeling crazy.

2)      I will break the fast every day with meat, as suggested by the author of Leangains, Martin Berkhan.

3)      I will keep fat low on training days, and increase it on rest days.

In line with my personal stance on nutrition, I will also follow these rules :

1)      I will avoid processed foods as far as possible.

2)      I will avoid white, starchy carbohydrates and grains as far as possible.

3)      I will avoid gluten as far as possible.

You can read a full breakdown of the calories and macro-nutrients I’ll be trying to hit on workout days and rest days here, and you can read about my unorthodox approach to training with kettlebells while on the Leangains diet protocol here.


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