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Yesterday was my first day on my brand spanking new intermittent fasting diet protocol, and so far I’m feeling great.  I thought it might be useful for people starting out along the same lines to see how I designed my diet for my first workout day.

Find out how I calculated all the macro’s and calorie requirements here.

So first I headed over to MyFitnessPal and created an account.  Then, the fun began!

If you remember from my macro-nutrient article, I found that (including the workout itself) my body would require 2,248 calories on workout days.


Workout day macronutrient breakdown

Workout day macro-nutrient breakdown

So then I sat and put together a meal plan that hit (as closely as possible) the correct calories and weights for each macro-nutrient.  This is what I came up with.  Don’t forget that with Leangains, you eat all of your food in an 8 hour window.  I decided to be a hero and end my fast at about 6pm (no breakfast, no lunch) after doing this kettlebell routine that I put together.

I thought I’d feel absolutely terrible having not eaten all day and then training on an empty stomach, but I found something pretty interesting – I felt great.

Here’s the meal plan I came up with to hit the above numbers.

I like food.

I like food.


  • First I had the bacon with boiled broccoli.
  • Then a whole tub of cottage cheese.
  • Then a HUGE meal of rice, kidney beans, mackerel and butter.

It was delicious.  I hit my macro’s almost perfectly – boom!

I’ll write another meal-plan for a rest day tomorrow, so you can see an example of that too.  Let me know if you need any more help with your leangains meals.


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