Coconut oil. Super food, or super disappointing?


OK, so I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of coconut oil on my favourite fitness websites for a little while.  Before I continue, you should know that the benefits of coconut oil are. by my judgement, amazing.

Coconut oil is saturated fat.

There, I said it.  Coconut oil is saturated fat.  I know.  And I know your personal trainer told you to avoid saturated fat like you avoid chlamydia.  In fact, it’s not just personal trainers – it’s everyone.  Everyone’s been telling you your whole life to avoid saturated fat.  Everyone was wrong.

  • Saturated fat does NOT increase your chances of having a heart attack.  At all.
  • Saturated fat will NOT make you put on weight at an unprecedented rate.  At all.

Coconut oil, as well as being pretty much entirely made up of saturated fat (which is your new best friend after reading this) is a great source of MCT’s (Medium-chain triglycerides, if you’re trying to sound clever) which is a type of saturated fat that your body can use REALLY quickly, much in the same way your body uses carbohydrates & sugar.  There have actually been a lot of studies that demonstrate beyond any doubt that MCT’s can help people lose weight.

And as if that wasn’t enough…

Coconut oil is also packed full of a fatty acid called lauric acid, which acts as a potent antiviral while at the same time increasing good cholesterol (HDL) in your body.

So I decided to try it out.

I figured ASDA would stock this stuff, so off I went to ASDA.  After 20 minutes or so of looking, I gave up.  Morrisons?  Nope, nothing – no dice.  Tesco?  Aah, Tesco.  I managed to find one tiny 250ml tub, but it was £6 (I think they use blended unicorn-spike in the production of it, which goes some way to explaining the cost) so I gave it a miss.

No shops in my general area seemed to sell an affordable coconut oil product for me to try.  So I did what any reasonable person would do, I did some research and contacted the manufacturer directly.

The commercial manager at KTC Foods (a company that manufactures, imports & sells specialist oils to supermarkets) was very friendly and helpful, and put me in touch with his distribution department for me to place an order.  I didn’t want to look like some crazy idiot who gets obsessive over trivial things like coconut oil, I needed to look legitimate.

So I took the next logical, reasonable step in my quest (it’s sort of a quest, by now) and ordered 24.

That’s 2 cases of coconut oil, or 12 litres.

CoconutOil Big

Coconut oil….. I probably won’t run out.

I’ve been using it for everything :- frying eggs, meat, omelettes  you name it.  One of my friends even started using it as a moisturiser (it’s actually documented that you can do this).  The one I purchased is refined, so it doesn’t taste of anything at all, and has a very high smoking point so you can use it for frying, stir-fry’s etc without it burning like olive oil might do.

To recap, coconut oil will NOT make your heart stop beating, or give you any other related diseases or conditions.  The theory behind that whole misconception was faulty to begin with.  It’s called “Lipid Theory” and basically goes something like this – Heart disease is caused my the blood having high levels of cholesterol, sooo lowering the cholesterol a person eats shoulllddd decrease the chances of that person developing heart disease… right?


We now understand that :-

  • The cholesterol you consume as food has little to no effect whatsoever on the cholesterol in your blood.


  • Even if it did (which it doesn’t) – high levels of cholesterol in the blood have never been (ever) a reliable indicator or predicator of heart disease, so you can munch away on coconut oil to your hearts content.  So long as it fits in with the macro nutrients or calories you’ve planned for that day.  Enjoyyy!

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  • Sharon

    Both informative and entertaining. I wonder if I found unrefined coconut oil, can I use that as a moisturiser? The smell must be divine. Another great blog! X

    • James admin

      You absolutely can, and it smells DELICIOUS if you use the unrefined variety. More pennies, though! 🙂

  • Anouska

    I was sitting in the sauna at the gym a few weeks ago and an old lady told me to put coconut oil on my hair to encourage healthy growth and scalp conditioning after chemo. I totally forgot. Thanks for this. It reminded me…. I will get myself some (though maybe not 12 litres to begin with) I intend to roll in it, wrap my hair in it AND cook with it! I’ve recently been using coconut milk instead of cream, to make curries as I’ve given up dairy. Maybe I should look at becoming a coconut farmer. There’s clearly a niche in the market!

    • James admin

      Haha! Maybe not 12 like I did, although I stand by my initial decision to get 2 cases! 😀

      I’ve read that people actually use warm coconut oil on their scalps after chemo – please let me know how it works out for you.

      Coconut milk! You’ve actually just reminded me of my famous (well, famous to my family & friends) korma recipe. I’ll share it with you VERY soon, it’s absolutely delicious!!!

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