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This is going to be a quick update, and is just to answer a question I get asked frequently – “Where should I get my supplements?”.  A lot of my followers on Twitter use supplements in their diet, whether they’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle.  When it comes down to where people should buy their supplements, I ALWAYS advise people to buy supplements online.



It’s WAY cheaper, and you can find much better quality product than you’ll ever find on the high-street.  The cost alone is enough for me to always buy supplements online, and not in an actual shop.


You’re really gonna go to a real shop & stand around reading the nutrition details for an hour?  It’s a LOT easier to fire up your computer to compare all the ingredients and nutrition information from multiple manufacturers at once.  You can literally put them side by side to make sure you’re getting the best product.


Online shops generally have review systems set up where customers who’ve previously purchased the item can review them.  These reviews can be a good indication as to the quality of the product itself.  Be careful if you’re using one of the smaller, lesser known websites to order your supplements, though, as they can sometimes generate fake positive reviews to drive up sales.  For this reason, unless you’ve received a personal recommendation you’d like to follow up, you’re probably best sticking to the big, well known supplement stores online.

No queues.

I hate queueing.  I always end up behind a really sweaty person who keeps stumbling back into me, or some guy who wants to tell me the funny story about the loaf of bread he’s buying.  If you decide to buy supplements online, you won’t have to deal with these assholes ever again.


Do you buy supplements online, or from a traditional supplement shop in your city or town?  Don't forget to comment below!

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