What is the best home exercise equipment ?

I’m going to assume you want to increase your general fitness level, and also build yourself a stronger, more powerful physique.

What is the best home exercise equipment if money and space isn’t an issue for me?

If money and space weren’t an issue for me, I’d go for a cross-trainer (elliptical machine), a squat rack and a set of quality, Olympic weights.

The elliptical pictured below is one of the most bad-ass, meathead elliptical machines you can buy for a domestic property.  I like elliptical machines because you can pick the intensity, and just run.  Traditional running & jogging can take it’s toll on your knee’s, but elliptical’s don’t have that problem.  The smooth, circular motion your arms and legs move in can drastically improve your cardio, and it’s completely down to you whether you train for long, slower periods (“steady state” cardio, which takes a long-ass time and I wouldn’t recommend, or “HIIT” (high intensity interval training) where you train at high intensity for a minute or so, and then take the pace down for 30 seconds, and repeat, which I would definitely recommend).  Click the picture & take a look.




What is the best home exercise equipment if I have no real space to allocate to a home gym, and I’m short on cash?

If this is you, you can generally stick to a good quality set of kettlebells and get along fine.  You can start with simple exercises like the swing, and the snatch, and move on to heavier weights and more complex exercises as you go.  Don’t forget that the Soviet military have used kettlebells as a staple in their strength and fitness training for a LONG time, and they’re some of the strongest, most resilient people on Earth.  I’m a true believer in the kettlebell.  In fact, I still do multiple sets of heavy swings at the end of every workout I do.

When you’re deciding what to buy –

  • Write down how much you want to spend and STICK TO IT.  Don’t deviate from your budget at all.
  • Think about how much space your equipment is going to take up, when in AND OUT of use.
  • Don’t forget that, if you’re tight on space, the equipment may have to be ‘out’ all the time, even when you don’t want it to be.
  • Your friends will probably think you’re crazy, and ask why you didn’t just get a gym membership.  Because we don’t like gyms!

Let me know what you think of my home fitness recommendations, and let us all know what equipment YOU use at home in the comments below.  Thanks guys!


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