Insanity beach body workout – Day 6 – (DRUNKSANITY)

Yesterday (the official last day of my holiday in Belgium) I was pumped to do my final Insanity workout.


As it was our last evening, I decided to postpone the workout until a bit later, after we’d been back into Nivelle for a couple of drinks (I’d be having water, obviously – I was pumped, after all).  So off we went into Nivelles.   The little one played in the fountain (there are jets of water lit up all different colours with LED lights from below – she loves it) while we sat and chatted.


This is where everything started going a bit wrong.

Sometimes I get a bit passionate about certain topics.  Often, nobody cares about these topics but me.  30 minutes into a debate with my Dad about how he drinks too much coke and it’s bad for his health, ironically I’d exchanged my water for a glass of wine.  10 minutes later, I was knocking back another one.  By the time I felt like I’d finally convinced him of the error of his ways (he’s conceded & agreed to drink coke zero from now on – which at least eliminates the sugar) I was on my third.

The waiter came over to tell us the bar was closing, so we decided to go home.


Once home, into my ‘workout shorts’ I got.

I had decided to do a 37 minute Plyometric Cardio Circuit from my beach body workout set, and had convinced myself that I wasn’t “that” drunk.

The first inkling I got that I might have been kidding myself came during the minute or so long introduction.  In trying to convince myself I was still totally sober and still able to complete the workout, I found myself ‘jogging it off’ around the room, talking myself up.  “This is gonna be easy” I said, “I’ve only had a couple of drinks”.  The jog turned into a bit of a skip, and the skip turned into a dance.  I was now in a room totally alone, psyching myself up for a workout by dancing and doing the occasional hip-thrust type movement.

This was going to be tougher than I thought.  Surprisingly, the actual workout (thankfully) went without much of a hitch.  I did skip the warm-down, because I wanted to hurry downstairs and have a glass of champagne.

I’m not even sorry.  It was my last night away!




Just in case you didn’t catch the updates while I was away, here are some links to Days 1-5 : Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4  / Day 5.

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