Insanity beach body workout – Day 5 (I’m back on track!)

After yesterdays horrific failure, I’m officially back on track.

Today I completed the Pure Cardio DVD from the Insanity pack.

I must be honest here, I was nervous.  Everything, including the impersonal trainer (Shaun T) was telling me to be nervous.

By the time there was 16 minutes left to go (which is where I failed yesterday) I felt a sort of imminent doom, similar to how those guys in movies must feel when they know for sure the asteroid is going to hit Earth, and all of the usual missile ideas haven’t worked.

But then something miraculous happened :

Todays beach body workout wasn’t THAT bad.

Now, don’t get be wrong – it was very hard, but luck was on my side.  Fortunately for me, there was quite a few exercises in this session that included push-ups.  I think the heavy kettlebell floor presses I’ve been doing for the last few months must have helped me, because those exercises felt like the much needed rest in-between the squatting movements I find really challenging.

Tomorrow is the Plyometric Cardio Circuit that I did back on Day 1.  I remember that was a KILLER, so I have to look forward to.  WAH.

Tomorrow is also the last day of my holiday, and then it’s back to reality!  We were going to go to Amsterdam or somewhere in Germany for the day, but we decided to just go back to Brussels and relax.  LOADS of packing to do when we get back, and we don’t want to tire ourselves out.

When I return, I guess I’m going to have to decide whether to keep it going with Insanity, or go back to the heavy kettlebell circuits I was doing back home.


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