Insanity beach body workout – Day 1

So, for the next week I’m staying at my Dad’s house in Belgium with my girlfriend & little girl.

Before I came, I had originally decided to take a week off from working out.  Then I remembered that the last time I came here for 4 days of delicious food and sitting around, I gained something like 6 lbs, and felt like it set me back by a few weeks.

Not this time.

With that thought in my mind, I stuck a copy of Insanity (that I’d never even attempted to do before) into the case, and thought I’d make the decision whether or not to attempt it once I arrived.  For those of you who don’t know (and who, seemingly, are beyond the scope of marketing – maybe you’re living in a cave?) Insanity is a home beach body workout program developed by Beach Body, the same company that brought us P90X, another home workout DVD set.

This morning, feeling fresh (and brave), I decided to do one DVD every morning in an attempt to fight the flab while I’m away, and maybe give my cardio a boost at the same time.  I do heavy kettlebell circuits at home, but I don’t do THAT MUCH plyometric (jumping about) exercise.  I had originally set up the laptop on a chair outside and I was ready to rock… but then I realised the sun was reflecting the power of a thousand lightbulbs directly into my retina’s, and I had to bring it back into my room for an indoor session.  Probably for the best – the posh Belgian neighbours don’t need to see me shaking my ass all over the garden.  They’d have probably been glad of the excitement though – it’s REALLY quiet and beautiful here in Nivelles (about 25 miles South of Brussels).

Don't watch the pink hairbrush.  So not mine.

Don’t watch the pink hairbrush. So not mine.

Now, at this point I have to admit I’d seen my girlfriend doing Insanity at home & I was a BIT COCKY about trying it.

“I can do 180 24kg kettlebell swings in a session, plus more exercises inbetween, I can EASILY jump around and run on the spot for 45 minutes.”


Insanity starts off with some running on the spot, and then some star-jumps, and it seems pretty tame.

That is, until about minute 5 when you start sweating and you think you’re going to die.

Quite honestly, I can tell you that you would not believe how unbelievably taxing bodyweight exercises over a 45 minute period can be.  Sam Hadidi, who runs the incredibly popular I Am Into This website offered me some encouragement prior to my first session:

I did it, you can too!” she said.  I’d have appreciated some sort of warning – but it probably would have put me off.

10 minutes into the routine I was starting to sweat through my basketball jump-shots and speed squats.  20 minutes in I wanted to quit.  35 minutes in I was praying time would miraculously speed up and end my suffering, or a meteor would hit the house, or a lightning bolt would hit a tree nearby or SOMETHING so that I could stop.  None of that happened.

By the end of the DVD (called the Plyometric Cardio Circuit) I was dripping with sweat, wobbling around on shaky legs, muttering something incoherent about how difficult it was.  The DVD is put together in a nice format, consisting of a warm-up, some circuits with 30 second breaks inbetween, and some stretching.  Unlike P90x, you don’t need any equipment at all.

I’m going to follow the schedule for the next week (albeit, following no specific diet plan at all – I couldn’t follow LeanGains for whilst on holiday, it’s too restrictive socially in this setting) other than trying not to eat anything ‘too’ crazy, and see where I am at the end.`

Tomorrow is day 2, the terrifyingly titled “Cardio Power and Resistance” and then I’m off to Antwerp for the day!  I’m trying not to go crazy with the spending, so my Dad decides to take us to a city famous for one thing – diamonds.  Wish me luck!

Have any of you tried Insanity?  What were your results?  How did you find the intensity?



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  • I can barely breathe walk or talk after Insanity. I can barely keep up. It’s hard, but worth it

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